Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Flight - Smooth Sailing

The flight to Germany was smooth. The kosher airplane food was actually decent, and at least Yonah fell asleep pretty quickly. Neither Tamar nor Eli would sleep though for most of the plane ride, but they both behaved remarkably well (I am so proud of my babies!)... Good planning re activities to bring along (yes - we do plan ahead sometimes - this time by buying leapsters for Yonah and Tamar and 'encouraging' Grandma and PopPop to get Eli a GameBoy) and the fact the the movie was "Hanna Montana" (we had nothing to do with that one) helped keep them calm. Once the movie was over though - Eli was restless and would not sleep and Tamar could not get comfy (she was sitting with Ian). Eli fell asleep about 10 minutes before the put the lights on for Breakfast (Ah yes - the 6 hour time change)...

Transfer at Germany was fine - though when we landed the airport was somewhat desolate. The security check for planes to Israel was not even open yet so we had to wait around in a weirdly empty space for a bit. Closest bathroom was upstairs and quite a ways off (near emergency for Yonah - but we made it in time... no accidents for anyone the whole journey!). Eventually we made it through security again and started the next wait for the second plane that would take us to Tel Aviv. The kids were great - the grownups were getting a bit cantankerous though. We bought overpriced coffee (with dollars and got change in Euros) and that took the edge off a bit - but we also showed the kids Pocahontas on my computer. (Hooray for mind numbing technology. I remember travelling with my parents and being told to read a book - but whatever works - right?

Final flight was fine, and the kids slept a couple of hours. Landing was a bit rough though so as I was snapping pictures of the Tel Aviv beach and ski line form the airplane window (I will try and upload in the coming days), Tamar (still sitting with Ian) through up... but just a bit - and she recovered quickly. Sorry to Lufthanza for using the lovely blankets you gave us to clean it up - but they did a brilliant job!

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